UNITY Art Engine


AI-Assisted 3D Design

Today artists working in CG, Compositing, Modeling, Motion Graphics, etc… have a wide range of incredible software tools available to them. One of the most impressive that we’ve seen in terms of functionality and features is UNITY ArtEngine. We’ve been especially impressed by its tool set for AI assisted 3D design and Photogrammetry.

We gathered some info that we’d like to share with you about this very cool application – we hope you find it interesting & informative:

Unity : ArtEngine – Photogrammetry


Unity : ArtEngine brief


“This video created by artist Luis Palino, is the result of Photogrammetry workflow and integration with ArtEngine put together to scan real world objects and create photo-realistic 3D PBR content. Luis used ArtEngine to clean up issues from the photogrammetry¬†scans and other objects introduced (like leaves) into the scene taken from multiple single photos of the objects.

Several tools were used in creating the final scene. From initial scans captured with a Sony a7II (24.3mp) Luis created decimated rocks, a ground PBT (Physically Based Render) material made in ArtEngine and plants cleaned up in ArtEngine that were modeled in Maya.”

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