Creative Computing Solutions: A Look Behind the Scene

AMD Ryzen 9 16 Core CPU

We build and configure computer workstations on a daily basis. As a Company, we’re committed to using premium brands, high quality components and meticulous attention to detail when designing our products.

Here is a look into how we approach designing and configuring our custom computers.

CPU Enclosure



The first step involves the selection of an enclosure. In this instance, it’s a Fractal Design aluminum ATX mid-tower. We prefer the clean unobstructed open air layout design that it offers.






Workstation w/ CPU



Here you see the enclosure with motherboard and Central Processing Unit (CPU) installed. In this picture you’re looking at a high-end Gigabyte X570 motherboard and a-top-of-the-line Ryzen 9 3950X CPU. The motherboard is the heart of the system and responsible for the proper functioning of all other components.





Back of Workstation



This shows the backside of the case and you can see the tech has completed all the necessary cable routing and management. Even though you never see it, we make sure everything is clean and done to a professional standard. You’ll also notice the EVGA 80+ GOLD full-ATX modular power supply. We typically like to add
more power than necessary to account for future expandability of the workstation.




Workstation w/ Fans



Into the final stages of the build – the Graphics Processing Units (GPU), CPU cooler, and case cooling fans are
installed. In this configuration we have dual Nvidia GeForce RTX2080Ti GPUs. Attention to detail extends beyond the basic function of the computer. For example, cables being tied off illustrates our commitment to craftmanship. Another thing that sets CCS apart from the majority of system builders is our use of GPU support brackets in all of our computers. This keeps the GPU and motherboard secured and in place which is especially important during shipping.