Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra – CPU Benchmark Comparison Test

Apple M1 Ultra Logo

CCS recently added the new 2022 Mac Studio M1 Ultra to its rental inventory. The workstation features the new Apple M1 Ultra 20-Core all-in-one SoC (System on Chip). The M1 CPU utilizes 16x ‘hi-performance’ Cores & 4x ‘hi-efficiency’ Cores.

Upon arrival we put one on the bench and start testing the M1 CPU performance. Here’s the results as compared to a new 2019 16-Core Mac Pro ‘Mega Grater’, 2020 10-Core iMac Pro & two 16-Core AMD Ryzen 9 workstations. We even threw in a 2020 8-Core MacBook Pro i9 laptop:

Comparatively speaking, the Apple M1 definitely offers significant gains in performance over previously released Apple products. And, according to Apple, it delivers 90 percent higher multi-threaded performance than the fastest available 16-core PC desktop chip “in the same power envelope”.

Although Apple’s power efficiency claims seem to be accurate, our test results seem to contradict their performance claims. We’ve also seen similar concerns noted on several reputable Computer Industry sites. Our suggestion would be for Apple to be more forthcoming about the specifics of the hardware & software used in their comparatives tests.

Stand By for M1 GPU Test Results Coming Soon