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The Xenowulf X7000 Workstation offers Big System Processing Power in a Small Compact Design. 

Working in conjunction with our partners ASRock & AMD, we’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our line of XENOWULF fully liquid-cooled computing systems: The X7000 Compact. Don’t be fooled by its small footprint – these workstations are designed to tackle the most demanding workloads.

At a mere 2.4cu.ft the ‘Compact’ offers more processing power per inch than any other workstation on the market today:

  • AMD EPYC CPU (including AMD Genoa Processors)
  • Up-to 512GB RAM
  • Up-to 4x Nvidia GPU (3090, 4090, A6000 or A6000 ADA)
  • Dual 1000W PSU
  • Full IPMI System Monitoring
  • Custom EK CPU/GPU Liquid Cooling System
  • Rugged Solid Aluminum Enclosure
  • Virtually Silent, Stable Operation
  • Enterprise Level Performance
  • Unparalleled Precision Engineering & Design


Xenowulf Compact workstations are the ideal solution for On-Set & Virtual Production Applications, LED Stages, Production & Graphic Design, Render & Transcoding Applications or any mission-critical environment where powerful, silent, reliable operation is a must. And like all Xenowulf fully liquid cooled workstations & servers, they offer cool, stable performance for extended periods.

The X7000 Compact will be available for purchase and rental the end of May, 2023. If you’d like more information or to schedule a demo, contact us at info@CCSRents.com or call (818) 479-4202.