Nvidia GeForce RTX3080Ti Performance Comparison


Nvidia released its latest 3000-series GPU last month – the RTX3080Ti. We got lucky and recently had the good fortune to acquire several of them. We had read a lot about the improved performance and naturally wanted to see how they performed on the bench compared to our existing RTX3080 and RTX3090 GPUs.

The “Ti” designation is based on the Periodic Table of Elements symbol for Titanium. It’s a marketing tool used by Nvidia to indicate an improvement in power and performance in an existing model of GPU. “Ti” GPUs are a good stepping-stone between successive model releases

Basically, the RTX3080Ti is a RTX3090 with half the VRAM i.e.12GB GDDR6X. It uses the same new Ampere architecture, pin connector and has the same power requirement as the 3090. Below is a comparison of the 3000-series GPUs along with the results of 4 GPU Benchmark Tests:



Based on test results, the RTX3080Ti offers a great price-to-performance ratio. We’ll certainly be looking to acquire more!

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