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Next Gen Engineering & Design

All custom PC Workstation & Server manufacturers talk about their high-performance computing solutions. The fact is that they all use similar components and engineering design. Only the Xenowulf line of workstations and servers deliver innovative, Next-Gen precision engineering and design. Here’s a look at a Xenowulf X7000 workstation recently purchased by an LA-based Facility. One can…

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CCS 2021: Year in Review

2021 was amazing year for Creative Computing Solutions. We’re very grateful to have had the opportunity work with some of the most talented artists & innovative companies in the Industry. Providing hardware solutions for their technical challenges not only makes our work interesting and rewarding. Here’s a short list of projects and events that CCS…

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UNITY Art Engine

AI-Assisted 3D Design Today artists working in CG, Compositing, Modeling, Motion Graphics, etc… have a wide range of incredible software tools available to them. One of the most impressive that we’ve seen in terms of functionality and features is UNITY ArtEngine. We’ve been especially impressed by its tool set for AI assisted 3D design and…

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PCI Express Gen4: Sound Boring but It’s Really Important!

Much like the transitions from USB 2.0 to USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt-2 to Thunderbolt-3, PCIe 4.0 is going to have a major impact on production and post workflows. It will dramatically reduce the time needed to load applications, off-load & transfer data, pull assets and playback uncompressed hi-resolution media. If you’re involved in Content Creation,…

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CCS helps LuxMC Score Big at NFL Honors 2021

One of our favorite customers, Lux Machina Consulting (LuxMC), designs Virtual Production systems for television, feature film and live event broadcast. Their projects are always technically demanding and require us to provide custom designed computer workstations and systems. One recent project required PC workstations custom configured for real-time render and playout. “When we were faced…

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Philip Sisk x Curry Tan


Philip Sisk is a multi-talented Senior level VFX Supervisor with over 20-years of experience in the Film Industry. He also recently completed an Unreal Fellowship Program. Philip recently joined us for an online interview with our Vlog correspondent & 2020 Student Academy Award winner, Curry Sicong Tian. Philip and Curry cover a wide range of…

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Solid State Drive Performance

Background RAID is an acronym for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”. A RAID consists of 2 or more drives working in parallel. It is designed to improve drive performance, reliability and provide parity i.e. prevention of data loss using data redundancy and back-up in case of a drive failure. There are various types of RAIDS,…

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AMD Ryzen 9 16 Core CPU

Creative Computing Solutions: A Look Behind the Scene

We build and configure computer workstations on a daily basis. As a Company, we’re committed to using premium brands, high quality components and meticulous attention to detail when designing our products. Here is a look into how we approach designing and configuring our custom computers.     The first step involves the selection of an…

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Creative Computing Solutions is excited to announce a new partnership with 2020 Student Academy Award winner, Curry Sicong Tian, as our new vlog correspondent. Curry will be speaking with various artists throughout the industry to discuss their projects, backgrounds, favorite tools & techniques and their approach to the craft. She’ll also be reviewing new technologies…

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